• Why Blue?

    When Maya wonders why the sky is blue, she goes on an adventure filled with science, friendship and imagination. A perfect story for classrooms and home libraries. Read More
  • Trail Blazers

    Meet the women of history who blazed a trail of exploration, discovery and empowerment. This illustrated guide tells the incredible stories of the women who explored the world. Read More
  • Harry and the Hot Lava

    Harry is a little boy with a big imagination. One day, a simple game of "don't step on the hot lava" turns into a adventure he'll never forget! Read More
  • Petunia, the Girl who was NOT a Princess

    When the newest neighbor likes pink and climbing trees, maybe Petunia can make a new friend and stay true to her self. Read More
  • Secret Agent Josephine in Paris

    There's a new super spy in town! Secret Agent Josephine may not look like a super mom, but when she goes to work, bad guys better watch out for her crafty tricks. Read More
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New and Notable Childrens Books

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Books for the Touchscreen Generation

At Xist Publishing, we create books for the touchscreen generation. All of our children's books are designed for the devices that kids crave and studies show that when kids are read to--no matter the format--it helps them develop the skills necessary for success later on.

We are committed to encouraging a lifetime love of reading, no matter what form it takes. Whether you'd like to teach your baby new words, enjoy rhyme and rhythm with your toddler, or give your beginning reader access to a new book day or night, Xist Publishing eBooks are ready for instant downloads from major retailers like Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Nobles, and Kobo.

As a digital-first publisher, children's eBooks are our first priority. But we also know that parents love to snuggle up with their kids and flip through a picture book--so we do that too. As technology evolves, your kids will too. As parents ourselves, we want to make sure that no matter how kids are reading in the future, they're reading and loving it..

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  • The Saint and His Bees

    When a young monk is assigned the task of tending to the monastery's bees, a unique friendship blooms.
    Read More
  • My Yellow Umbrella

    It's a beautiful day for a yellow umbrella! Bright, retro-inspired illustrations accompany a little girl on her dreamy day with
    Read More
  • Humpfree

    Humpfree’s back is as flat as a pancake and he’s not taking it lying down. He’s off on a wild
    Read More