Discover Sewing by Katrina Streza


Author: Katrina Streza
eISBN: 9781532402166
Print ISBN: 9781532402159
Amazon ASIN: B071VGLK3J
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Discover Sewing Picture Book by Katrina Streza

Book Description:

Discover Reading Early Reader

Let’s Sew and get Crafty!
Read all about dewing in this Discover Reading Beginning Reader. Children who would love to learn to sew or are interested in fabric and other craft materials will learn all about sewing in this book. Crafty kids will learn all about the art of sewing and the different tools required to sew their own project. Simple sentences for elearly elementary students provide a basic understanding of needles, thread, thimbles and more.
Discover Reading titles feature short sentences, word lists, and questions at the end of each book to further the learning process.

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Imprint: Xist Publishing

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Language: English Language
Release Date: 20170615

BISAC: JNF015000: JNF045000: JNF006070


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36 Pages