Laloo the Red Panda by Lauren Freeman


Author: Lauren Freeman
eISBN: 9781623956349
Print ISBN: 9781623956332
Amazon ASIN: B00N9HII6Y
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Laloo the Red Panda Picture Book by Lauren Freeman

Book Description:
A whimsical children’s book about a red panda cub’s adventures in India. Laloo the Red Panda is an interactive, coming of age tale about a red panda cub on a journey of self discovery in India. Laloo’s adventure begins when he escapes from Gambo, a dimwitted animal poacher, in the middle of the bustling streets of Mumbai! Laloo makes friends with a cast of lovable dogs who help him make his way through India back to his home in the Himalayas. Along the way, he learns an invaluable lesson about being true to yourself.

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Imprint: Xist Publishing

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Language: English Language
Release Date: 20140920

BISAC: JUV011030: JUV031010: JUV039060


Keywords: pandas,red panda,panda books,endangered animals, adventure

64 Pages


What Amazon Customers are saying about this book: “My children loved it. Story is fun and age appropriate and the graphics are very well done.”