Time to Get Ready, Bunny! by Brenda Ponnay


Author: Brenda Ponnay
Illustrator: Brenda Ponnay
eISBN: 9781623954017
Print ISBN: 9780983842866
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Time to Get Ready, Bunny! Picture Book by Brenda Ponnay

Book Description:
It’s time to get ready, Bunny!
In this charming little book, author/illustrator Brenda Ponnay has artfully depicted the morning routine of so many families.
Whether your little one would rather stay in bed, play with toys, or try on every outfit in the closet, this book is sure to resonate with parents. Kids are sure to enjoy being the ones to take charge and convince little bunny to get his tail out the door.

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Illustrator: Brenda Ponnay
Imprint: Xist Publishing

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Language: English Language
Release Date: 20130815

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Keywords: preschool books, Back to school, Baby, First Day of School, Picture Book

32 Pages


What Amazon Customers are saying about this book: “This is a short, sweet book with pictures illustrating Bunny’s morning routine, from waking up to being dropped off at school. I read this book on my phone’s Kindle app with my 15-month-old daughter. She laughed at Bunny’s idea of school clothes (a frog outfit) and when Bunny disappeared from one page called along with the narrator, “Ba-ee? Ba-ee!” I appreciated how, on the page that shows Bunny burrowing under the blankets because he doesn’t want to get up, the alarm clock has been knocked off the nightstand and onto the floor. I know exactly how that feels!

Each page has one short sentence, making this perfect for toddlers with short attention spans OR for beginning readers.”

What Amazon Customers are saying about this book: “A wonderful story depicting the morning routine that drives us all a little crazy.

Following Bunny along on his/her morning routine is quite hilarious. (Bunny must be in cohorts with my girls!) I can imagine what Bunny’s day at school and bedtime routine would entail and came up with many silly situations while reading it. You could even replace Bunny with your own childs name (while reading) to personalize the story for more fun.

The simple sentences and repetition make this a great book for beginning readers.”
By:H. Mcconnaughy

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