Women of Faith


Women of Faith
32 Pages

Author: Calee M. Lee
Illustrator: Lisa Graves
eISBN: 9781681952895
Print ISBN: 9781681952895
Fixed-Layout EPUB: 9781681952901
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Be Brave and Love God
Saints, Martyrs and Mentors from Christian History

Women of Faith is an essential resource for parents, grandparents and godparents wanting to give children a taste of the historical, living Church. This book is a collection of stories of the women saints and martyrs of the early Christian Church. Featuring saints venerated in both Orthodox and Catholic traditions, this book will introduce children to amazing role models of the faith. Showcasing women who were light in a dark time, these stories are filled with courage, beauty and ultimately, a faith in God that transformed the world.
Each saint is featured with a stunning watercolor portrait, a short story from her life and a prayer suitable for young children.

O Saint Dymphna, you healed many bodies and minds. Comfort me when I am worried. Calm my mind when I am afraid. Pray to God for me that I will think clearly and that I will have your love for people whose minds are ill.

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